Creative Candle Centerpieces

Create the perfect mood for your next summer party with creative candle

Dianne Theurer with Temple Square Hospitality shares three fresh ways to
light up any party in style!

There is nothing that will add ambience and mood to a table setting than
candles. The trend has gone away from just simple candlesticks placed on
the table to more dramatic candlescapes that add drama and illumination to
the table.

Candles flickering at eye level can be annoying at the dining table. When
entertaining, make sure your candle flames are well above or below the eye
level of guests. You wouldn’t want to dampen the cross-table conversation.

When serving a delicious meal choose unscented candles for the dining table.
Your guests will appreciate the ambience created by the candles and thank
you for not detracting from your savory dishes! You may love the rose
fragrance but your guests may not!

The rule of thumb for lighting candles is that candles on dining tables should
not be lit until dusk or around 5:30 pm.

Candles and candle holders can be used in several varieties on the table to
add more interest to the table. Crystal water goblets turned upside down can
be used as elegant candle holders. These can be paired with cylinder vases
with floating candles and votive candles placed in the center of artichokes.
Many varieties of candles can be used together to run the entire length of the

There are instances where real candles are prohibited or are not practical.
LED candles can be used in those situations to add the needed illumination to
a centerpiece or table. I have used colored jel beads that are soaked in water
surrounding the LED candle. These come in all different colors and shapes
and can be used to create a color theme for your table.

To add height to a table a branch secured in a decorative container can be
used for holding candles. This is a very dramatic look. We have used
manzanita that has strong branches that will hold the candles. Candles
placed on cut logs can create an interesting out door feel to any table.
Flowers can be added to the branch to make a fun and unique centerpiece.

Dianne Theurer is Director of Catering for Temple Square Hospitality and has
35 years of catering and design experience.

For more information visit www.templesquarehospitali

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