Summer Kitchen Strategies

Mealtime takes on a whole new meaning during the summer. So moms need
a new strategy. Professional Organizer, Leanne Jacobs, has tips to help you
manage breakfast, lunch, dinner and the non-stop snacking with a house full
of hungry kids.

Kids seem to be in and out of the kitchen all day long during the summer.
Stay sane and keep your kids satisfied with these summer kitchen strategies:

-Homemade lunch-ables out of Mainstay divided storage containers. Make at
the beginning of the week for the whole week then stack in fridge.

-Popsicles and otterpops stored in Dollar Store baskets to make them easier
for kids to get to. Scissors attached to container for cutting the top off the

-Single serving ice cream scooped and stored in Ziploc x-small bowl and
stacked in Dollar Store basket or on door shelf.

Counter Top:
-Tiered plates and bowls to hold fruit. I made a fruit stand out of polka dot
plates, bowl and candlesticks from Harmons and Dollar Tree. It’s a cute and
colorful summer-y display for fruit.

-Utensil caddy (years ago from Pier 1) for forks, spoons, straws and napkins.

-Glass containers for snacks from Ikea. I made chalkboard labels for mine.

-Water container and Cool Gear colored cups from Wal-Mart. Each child has a
different colored cup. The cups have a lid and straw attached to them.

Leanne is passionate about making her surroundings organized and beautiful
and to share her ideas and projects on her blog, Organize and Decorate
Everything. She loves morning runs, pedicures, and cute shoes.

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