Creative Craft Storage

You can never have too many craft supplies, but finding room for the latest
must-have materials, takes a little creativity! Creating Keepsakes Editor,
Megan Hoeppner, shares unique ways to store the latest additions to your
crafting stash.

* Washi Tape Container: Fill a straw container with your rolls of decorative
tape. It’s a quick way to see what tape you have in your stash while also
keeping your tape protected and easy to access.

Straw Keeper Shopping Source,

* Twine Jars: Store baker’s twine in sugar jars. The little spout in the lid is
perfect for threading your twine and it looks so cute in these jars.

Sugar Jar Shopping Source, Dollar Store

For free, downloadable labels clic
k here

It’s a Word document that’s designed to print on a sheet of standard Avery
address labels, which are 1″ x 2.63″ and available to purchase at any office
supply store. Simply print them out and peel-and-stick them on the sugar

* Cupcake Liner Jar: Cupcake liners are a very fun paper crafting supply. Fill a
tall jar or vase with your collection of liners. It will add color to your space
and keep your liners looking sweet!

Jar Shopping Source, IKEA

* Washi Tissue Paper Hanger: Mod Podge tissue paper on a trouser hanger
and drape your stash of tissue on the hanger. It will keep it wrinkle free and
also look very cool hanging in its special place.

Hanger Shopping Source, Target

* Button Dishes: Store your favorite buttons in oversized wood buttons that
act as dishes. It’s a wonderful play on a theme and a very unique way to keep
your buttons at your fingertips.

Oversized Button Shopping Source, Mood Fabrics:

* Flower Canvas: Keep your collection of fabric and paper flowers on display
and organized using one of the new (and very cool) Sampler canvases from
BasicGrey. Simply pin the flowers to the canvas and set it on a shelf or table
for display.

Sampler Canvas Shopping Source, BasicGrey:

* Decorative Pin Book: These brand new burlap books from Canvas Corp. are
perfect for storing your favorite decorative pins. It will keep the pins scratch
free and easy to admire and access.

Burlap Album Shopping Source, Canvas Corp:

* Paperclip Keepers: Attach your decorative paperclips to a cheese grater or
a ribbon board so you can easily see and admire the clips in your collection.

Cheese Grater Shopping Source: Consignment shops, flea markets, antique
stores, etc., or buy new at your local kitchen supply store.

Frame Shopping Source, Hobby Lobby

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