Creative Easter Egg Hunts

The highlight of Easter morning s often watching the kids racing to find all the hidden eggs left by the Easter bunny! But this year, make the hung even more memorable.

Studio 5 Holiday and Party Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares fun ideas to spice up the traditional Easter Egg Hunt!

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt
Place glow bracelets or necklaces (available at most Dollar Stores) in plastic eggs and fill with other items if desired. The eggs will glow through the plastic. (Make sure to use the thin plastic eggs versus the thick so the light will come through.) Another option would be to paint plastic or wood eggs with glow in the dark paint and hide them.

Flashlight Egg Hunt
Have a hunt outside after dark using flashlights. Simply hide brightly colored eggs (or eggs painted with glow-in-the-dark paint) and let kids use flashlights to find them in the dark.

Raw Egg Hunt
For this hunt you will need dyed boiled eggs and one (or several) dyed raw egg. Hide the eggs and at the end of the hunt have everyone carefully inspect their eggs and give a prize for the person who found the raw egg(s)! Part of the fun of this hunt is determining if the eggs you found are raw or not.

Color Coded Hunt
This hunt can be done several ways. One option is to hide eggs of a certain color to be found by those of a certain age. Another option is to assign a certain color of egg to each hunter so they search for only that color. And another fun option is to give a list to the hunters to find a certain number of eggs (example: 2 green, 1 blue, 3 yellow, 4 pink, 5 orange, etc.). Color coded hunts are a great way to control who gets what inside of the eggs and to make it fair especially with a wide variety of ages in the hunt.

CLICK HERE to download chart.

Golden Egg Hunt
Create a golden egg. It can be an egg covered in gold metallic paint, glitter, or covered with gold foil. Put a special treasure in the egg or have a special treasure that the egg can be redeemed for. Hide the golden egg in a slightly harder spot for hunters to find. You could also hide one golden egg per hunter.

Bunny Money Hunt
Have hunt where eggs can be redeemed or used to “shop” for prizes and Easter trinkets. Simply create and fill the eggs with “bunny money” (think Monopoly money) or papers that have points written on them. Add candy if desired. After the hunt, have a central location with a table where the hunters bring the bunny money or points from their eggs to redeem. Have a chart that lists the available items and the amount of bunny money or amount of points needed for the items. The hunters can then redeem their bunny money or points for the items they select. This hunt works really well with a larger group. You could also place some papers in the eggs that are instantly good for a certain large prize (gift card, stuffed animal, cash, etc.).

Cash Egg Hunt
This is a great hunt for teens or young adults. Simply fill eggs with coins or paper money. You could also include coupons redeemable for certain items such as gift cards, etc.

Photo Hunt
Take photos of where eggs are hidden. Print out the pictures and give a set to the hunters. The hunters will look at the picture and then go to that place to find the eggs. This works well for small children or make the photos hard (like just a small part of a place) for older children or teens.

Scavenger Egg Hunt
For this hunt you would divide into groups and give each group a certain number of plastic eggs. Give each group a list of items they must go to homes and get off the list to fill the eggs. The first group back wins. Make rules such as only one listed item per home. Have items on the list as: 8 jelly beans, a Reeses peanut butter cup, marshmallow bunny, mini candy bar, chocolate kiss, foil-covered bunny, coins, stickers, bubblegum eggs, etc.

Treasure Egg Hunt
Create a treasure hunt with clues hidden in each egg which leads to the next egg hiding place. At the end of the hunt a big basket of treat filled eggs for everyone would make a nice “treasure.” A fun option to this would to be to make a “treasure map” for each hunter with marks where eggs are hidden for them to find.

GPS Egg Hunt
This is a great hunt for teens and adults and you will need a gps device (global positioning system). Create a hunt that would work like a treasure hunt but using gps coordinates. Hide eggs at each place with the gps coordinates inside or written on them to direct to the next hiding place. Have an extra surprise at the end.

Number Sequence Egg Hunt
Place a sequence of numbers on eggs (one number per egg). Make sure to do one set of sequence eggs per hunter. Mix them up and hide them. Have the hunters search for eggs but the rule is they must find them in numerical order. So they have to find number 1 first, and then number 2, etc. If they find an egg out of order they cannot pick it up until they have found the previous number. This is fun with a lot of hunters because many will find the same egg but no one can pick it up unless they are on that number.

Odd or Even Egg Hunt
Another fun hunt option using numbers is to write numbers on eggs and then hide them. Next divide the hunters into two groups – one that can only hunt for and pick up odd numbered eggs and one group that can only hunt for and pick up even colored eggs.

Personalized Egg Hunt
Place or write the initials of the name of each hunter (stickers work well for this) on eggs. Each hunter can only gather eggs with their initials on them. And make a rule no one can tell others if they have found eggs that belong to others.

Puzzle Egg Hunt
Hide puzzle pieces inside plastic eggs. You could hide pieces for a complete puzzle for each hunter to find (for example a child must find 24 green eggs which contain pieces to a puzzle). When the hunters are done the first person to put their puzzle together wins an extra prize – so this makes the hunt have an extra dimension which is they need to hurry and find their eggs. You could also just hide puzzle pieces randomly in eggs that all the hunters search for and then when the hunters all gather back and put the pieces together from their eggs – they turn over the puzzle for a message or clue to find another surprise for them.

Add It Up! Egg Hunt
Place numbers in each egg. After the hunters are finished have them add up the numbers in each egg they found and the one with the highest number gets a prize.

Story Egg Hunt
Create or find an Easter story. (This is a good hunt to include the religious meaning and story of Easter). Print it out and then cut it apart into strips. Number the strips in order and place them in eggs for the hunt. After the hunt – have the hunters sit in a circle and take turns reading the parts of the story form their eggs in order.

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