Creative Framing

Designer NataLee Callahan shares some tips.

1. Recycle it.Look at everyday items in a new light. Ask yourself how can I use this in a new way? Could this become a frame? Use an old window as a frame. A canning jar flipped over makes a great frame. Maybe you replaced the vanity from an old bath and have an extra drawer front lying around… paint that up and hang a store bought frame from the knob. Maybe you have a cool old book lying around that doesn’t have a lot of sentimental value to you… cut an opening in the cover and place a photo in the new opening. Paint a silver serving platter and hang it on the wall with magnets.

2. Alter it. Today we have a lot of off the shelf frames that are okay, but how can we make it better? Maybe the shape is right, but the color is wrong. Paint the frame. Buy an unfinished frame from a craft store and dress it up with wallpaper or scrapbook paper and other embellishments. My next idea would take a little more effort (and a little construction know how), but a new creative way to do something truly unique with frames is to wrap the frame around a corner or in the corner.

3. Build it. Still not quite what you’re looking for? Start from scratch. It is as simple as a few miter cuts on some carefully selected trim. Just be sure to measure carefully. Beef up the frame by leaving a gap between original frame and additional molding. Paint it all the same color and it will have a totally custom look. Try using beadboard. Cut to size and router out a spot for your photo and/or glass. Paint in a fun color.

If you are still left without a direction, go to the Internet. There are lots of ideas waiting to be discovered.

NataLee is originally from rural Idaho and moved to Utah where she earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Brigham Young University.
She got her start in floral and wedding design over a decade ago and later added interior design and home staging after becoming a licensed Realtor where she received numerous awards.

Out of 10,000 applicants NataLee was chosen to compete on HGTV’s Design Star Season 4: Los Angeles and is a regular interior design/home contributor on KSL TV’s Studio 5.

NataLee started to offer design tips and home decorating advice. Also, she actively works on commercial and residential interior design projects and is regularly requested to design and stage model homes and The Parade of Homes here in Utah.

In addition to design, NataLee enjoys to sing, dance, and play the violin. She is married to Greg and mother to RyLee and baby Conner.

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