Finding More Time: Cutting Laundry Time in Half

Studio 5 contributor Courtney Orton shows us how a Kaysville organized her laundry system to save time.

Katy Jones was tired of spending 12 to 13 hours a week doing laundry so she enlisted the help of her good friend Talitha Kushlan, who’s a professional organizer, and now she spends 3 to 4 hours a week doing laundry.

Here are some of the laundry process principles she uses:

Store items where they’re first used.

Consider storing socks and shoes by the door, because that’s where they’re first used. This prevents socks and shoes from ending up under the bed, or in the middle of the floor because they have a designated space in a convienient location.

Be motion minded.

Strive for 1 to 3 motions in the putting away process. Instead of folding, Katy hangs almost everything. Clothes go from the dryer to a hanger to the closet. Underwear and pajamas get put into bins without being folded, and socks don’t get matched because there is only one kind per person.


Everything needs a well confined, well defined home. Use containers you love. Insist on a proper fit. Measure before you buy containers. Don’t fill containers to full. They’ll work best if they’re only about 80% full. Have double laundry baskets. When one gets full, Katy takes it to the laundry room and starts washing those clothes, while the other stays to collect more dirty clothes.

Make it easier to put away than to get out.

Clean up as you go. Label as desired to ensure things get put back where they belong making cleanup quick, painless and mindless. Live within your special means. If you don’t have room for it, get rid of it.

Organize by purpose.

Put items that are similar in purpose together. In Katy’s closet, all of the things she needs for work are in one section. Including a bag that is packed and ready to go. Make bags self-contained.

Katy says her laundry process is always organized. It’s not just organized when she’s all the way done and there’s no dirty laundry. It’s organized when it’s dirty, when it’s clean, and when it’s in the closets.

If you want help organizing your laundry, email Katy and Talitha at

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