Creative Fresh Flower Décor

Displaying the season’s blooms gathered from cutting gardens, growers or
your local florist is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

Michelle Virtue, from BYU’s Campus Floral, shares some creative ways to
show off your flowers.

Bringing Mother Nature indoors and creating your own design full of
personality, color and whimsy can be calming and luxurious. Here are a few
simple ways to SHOW OFF your SUMMER flowers with flair.

1. Greet guests with fresh blossoms. Adorn your front door or
porch with a floral display. This will leave a lasting impression! It can be as
simple as a glass bottle with a sunflower in it sitting on an old bucket OR as
elaborate as a door arrangement changed out weekly to suit your garden’s
blooming season.

2. Hang your blooms for a dramatic effect. There’s something
magical about flowers floating in the air. Displaying cut bouquets to hang
from an indoor ceiling, above a patio, or in an established tree creates a
feeling of whimsy and encourages guests and family to look to the summer
sky. This is also a very effective technique to use indoors for showers and
dinner parties.

3. Design in Sets. Cutting flowers in mass OR a blooming
assortment can lend itself to wonderful grouped floral displays. This is a
brilliant way to show-off your cut garden—varieties and colors. It can also
be a very eclectic way to share collections and the diversity of your garden.
Don’t be afraid to use items you already have—jars, shakers, tins, baskets,
bottles, etc.

4. Use unexpected containers. Sometimes the best way to
show off flowers is to put them in a container that is interesting and non-
traditional. Think outside of the vase on this one. Don’t be afraid to use
your creativity—watch for complementary colors, textures, styles and turn
the ordinary into something


5. What better way to show off your fresh flowers than by sharing
Planting, caring for and cutting flowers, branches, herbs and
produce from your garden is more satisfying with shared with those around
you. Don’t be stingy! Wrap up a colorful bouquet in newsprint or fill an
empty pickle jar with a selection of herbs. SHOW off and share all of your
hard work.


Michelle has lots of ideas to go along with lots of flowers. You can find her
just north of the BYU Campus or online at

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