Container Gardens

It’s the kind of garden that can be planted anytime, anywhere!

Carly Gillepsie with Cactus & Tropicals shares container garden inspiration.

When planting in a container you want to think about a few key factors
before you get started. First, you will need to think about the type of
container you will want to use. There are many types of containers available
now, from concrete and ceramic containers, to pots made of fiberclay (a
fiberglass and clay mix), plastic or zinc. When thinking about the type of
container you want to use, you should think about your needs. Concrete and
ceramic containers can be VERY heavy, hard to move, and need special care
in our cold winter weather. Where things like fiberglass, fiberclay, plastic and
zinc containers are lighter weight and can withstand the weather, but you are
limited in your style and size options. Any container you choose will need to
have some sort of drainage, and will need to be filled with a high quality
potting mix.

Once you have selected your container and filled it with a potting mix, you
can think about adding a time-release fertilizer like Osmocote to your pot.
Then you will need to think about where your container is placed. Consider
the space, do you have sun or shade? That will determine the plants you will
plant in your container. You never want to put shady plants in a sunny area,
and vice versa for sunny plants. If you try to grow the wrong plants in the
wrong space it will affect the longevity of the plants.

Next you will want to select the type of plants you want to grow. Many people
choose to plant a mix of perennials – plants that will overwinter, and come
back every year; and annuals – plants that will bloom all season, but will need
to be replaced season after season. You can consider planting a permanent
evergreen or topiary in your pot, and surround it with annual color that can
be switched out with the seasons. Or, you can choose to plant all annuals to
create a container that will be bursting with color all season long. You could
even choose plant all perennials in your pot, but be aware that if you are
planting in a container that has special needs for winter weather, things
could be tricky if you want to leave it out year round.

Whatever you choose to plant in your container gardens, you will be happy to
have some greenery and color that can be placed in bare spots, on patios, or
in places where you would normally have no garden at all. Containers are a
great way to create a portable garden that you can change, move and
recreate to have an updated look whenever you want.

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