Ikea Upgrades

Add a personal, designer tough to basic items from everyone’s favorite big-
box decorating store.

Studio 5 Contributor Cara Shimizu shares six easy Ikea upgrades.

) into a classic nautical
rope mirror: There is a good tutorial for making a rope mirror at

One change to consider making to these online directions is to attach the
cardboard to the mirror with E-6000 glue (not hot glue).

) into a high-end
dresser: This classic dresser is just right for a living room end table or night
stand. To make, lightly smooth each piece of the RAST with sandpaper.
Before assembling, stain the body of the dresser and the inside components
of the drawers with a few coats of dark stain; follow up with a coat of clear
polyurethane. Paint the drawer fronts white. Assemble the dresser and finish
off with decorative pulls.

) table runners
into a rug: Slightly overlap two table runners length-wise, pin together, and
connect with a toweling stitch (2 parallel rows of straight stitches) on the
sewing machine. Repeat with more runners to reach the desired rug size.

) into
a sophisticated side table: Assemble one LACK table, then attach the top of a
second LACK under the bottom legs of the first table, using wood screws.
Mark every 2 ½ centimeters around table edges, then pound nailhead tacks
into the marks with a rubber mallet.

) Chinese lantern
into a “cloud light”: This fun solar light works great as a nightlight hanging in
a child’s room. Simply fluff pieces of polyester batting and attach to the
lantern with hot glue.

GRONO lamp
) dressed up with
fabric: Wrap a length of fabric around the lamp and secure with a few beads
of hot glue. Finish by hot gluing coordinating ribbon along the top and
bottom of the fabric

HOSTO bucket
) into bedside
organizer: Remove the metal handle and use ribbon in its place. Use as-is,
or paint white and transfer image onto front using mod-podge. Tie onto bed
rungs and use to store books and other treasures.

Cara is a pharmacist and organist turned full time homemaker and mother to
3 children, which she loves! Her philosophy is “Easy Expert Home,” that is,
easy techniques that give expert results for all things home. She loves
creating inexpensive, sophisticated solutions for decorating, organizing,
entertaining, and gardening, all designed to make family life simpler and
more fun!

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