Answers for Gardening Questions

This is the time of year when your garden is starting to look a little worse for
the wear, but there are some solutions for your gardening questions.

USU Horticulturist Jerry Goodspeed answers some common questions.

Q. How come the leaves on my tree are starting to turn brown. I am watering
regularly and the edges still turn brown.

A. This is called summer scorch. It is a dry hot summer and we also are
dealing with a south wind. The trees can’t move the water fast enough to
cool the large leaves. Make sure you are giving the trees a deep drink every
two to four weeks. Allow the water to penetrate a good 6 to 8 inches.

Q. How come my petunias stop blooming this time of the year?

A. The Tobacco budworm is eating the flowers and the buds. Apply an
organic Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) product like Dipel or a registered

Q. How do I keep my lawn green and lush in the heat?

A. You don’t…. In reality, our bluegrass lawns want to go a little dormant in
the hot dry summers. This is normal. Simply remember to mow It higher (3
inches), Water deep, and don’t fertilize in July to allow the lawn to slow
growth. Then put on some green tinted sunglasses and enjoy the view…

Q. What are some perennials that will still bloom in the hot summer?

A. There are a number of them. Some of my favorites include fire chalice,
Echinacea, ice plant, and day lilies.

Jerry was able to answer more of the questions that came in on our facebook
page. You can find more of the answers to common problems there. You
can also get gardening ideas and inspiration at the Ogden Botanical Garden
where Jerry keeps things blooming.

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