Creative Gifting: Money and Gift Certificate

Studio 5’s tips for adding an element of surprise to everyone on your gift card list.

Both money and gift cards can seem intangible, especially to children, so a little creativity goes a long way. You want to think outside the box, so the presentation is fun and memorable. And, first and foremost you want to make sure the gift cards itself is a reflection of the individuals personal taste and interests.

To help get the creative juices flowing, it helps to ask the following questions:

• What does this person enjoy? Simply adding a small token, representing the nature of the gift card, immediately makes the gift more tangible.

• How can I spruce up the packaging? When you purchase the gift certificate, simply look around the store or restaurant for ideas. It may be as simple as asking for an empty drink container or pizza box.


• Books: Give kids the gift of reading, but instead of the stand-alone gift card to the bookstore, attach it to a copy of your favorite childhood book. Write a note in the cover explaining why it was your favorite book, and sign and date. Explain that the gift card is so she can choose out a few of her own favorites to share with you.

Helium Balloons: When giving kids money, make it fun. Go to the party supply store but before filling the balloons with hi-float, place a dollar bill in each balloon. Instead of tying the balloons with streamers, ask the clerk to place them in a balloon bag so you don’t lose them. Wrap the balloons in a big box; when the child opens they’ll float to the ceiling. They’ll love gathering a popping the balloons to retrieve their money. Make sure they open the gift indoors – you want to be able to contain the balloons.

Money Toy: When giving money to kids, give them a learning toy that complements the gift.

Studio 5 Pick:

Count Your Cash money calculator

Manufacturer: Small World Kids

Ages 4 years & Up

Cost: $17.99

Available at The Red Balloon Toy Stores, located in American Fork, Sandy and Salt Lake

Money Origami: Fold dollars bills into the shape of a Christmas tree. Search on You Tube for all kinds of video demonstrations. Present the money with the book Origami with Dollar Bills, by Duy Nguyen; available at Barnes and Noble.


Money Pads: Get a series of new, crisp dollar bills from the bank. Take them to Kinko’s, and have them seal the edge creating a notepad. Many banks also offer this service; you just have to call ahead.

Personalized CD: Give an iTunes card inside a CD jewel case or with blank CD labels.

Money Puzzles: Make your teen earn the gift by solving a money puzzle.

Studio 5 Pick:

Bilz Box Money Puzzles

Available online at

Cost: Between $9 and $10 dollars

Digital Piggy Bank: A piggy bank that automatically tracks and displays your total savings.

Studio 5 Pick:

Digital Coin-Counting Piggy Bank

Available at Shapiro stores located in Fashion Place Mall, South Towne Mall, and University Mall.

Cost: $30 dollars


• Personalized VISA Card: Download your favorite photo and create a customized Visa gift card. (Gift cards can be purchased for between $10 and $250, plus $6 for card;

Photo Album: Develop a roll of photos and place in an inexpensive photo album that includes a gift card to Inkley’s. Include a note letting the recipient know that they will be able to pick up new family photos once a month. Each month you can download your photos to and designate a store for pickup. The recipient simply hands them the gift card and gets to enjoy a new set of photos.

Pocket Calendar: If you meet your girlfriends for Diet Cokes, attach a gift card to a purse calendar with designated meeting dates circled in red.

KSL Calendar: Give grandparents, parents or a spouse the gift of time. Purchase a KSL Calendar (all proceeds benefit Primary Children’s Medical Center) and schedule in four events you plan on attending with them throughout the year.

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