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Creative Journaling: 5 ways to turn documentation into something artistic

Give creative journaling a try!

We all know that journaling serves many purposes. It’s a way to record our thoughts and stories, and sometimes it’s a therapeutic release for our emotions. But have you ever thought about infusing your journaling practice with a dose of creativity?

Lettering artist and instructor, Melissa Esplin, shares five ways to spice up your creative journaling and make it an artistic adventure.

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5 Ways to Try Creative Journaling

Melissa takes journaling to a whole new level, turning it into a fun and fulfilling creative outlet. She believes that journaling doesn’t have to be confined to scribbles with a black ink pen. It can be an opportunity to explore your artistic side in a low-stress environment.

First, Melissa suggests writing really big. Embrace the concept of taking up space on the page with your words. It’s liberating and allows you to focus on the act of writing itself rather than the content. Melissa recommends using large markers like Sharpie brush pens to create bold and attention-grabbing lettering.

Next, she encourages breaking your page into boxes. By working within these boundaries, you can let your creativity burst out of the boxes. Draw the boxes with a ruler or, if you’re feeling more spontaneous, sketch them roughly with pencil. This technique helps you focus on the message in each box and allows for organized and visually pleasing journal entries.

Another exciting technique Melissa uses is writing on a curved line. Instead of feeling pressured to write on a straight line, she suggests using your whole arm to create beautiful arcs. Draw guidelines with a pencil, then let your words flow gracefully along the curves. This approach adds an artistic touch to your journaling and breaks free from rigid structure.

If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your journal, try adding borders. If a word or phrase doesn’t fit perfectly on the page, embrace it by creating a border around it. You can even experiment with cloud-like borders for words that hang off the edge. Borders give your journal a polished and intentional look, while also allowing room for playfulness and creativity.

Lastly, Melissa advocates for writing with pretty pens. Bring out those colorful and metallic pens that make your inner child jump with joy. Whether it’s a set of jelly rolls or other sparkly pens, adding color and shimmer to your journaling can make it feel more vibrant and captivating. So let your creativity shine with a splash of color!

So, grab your favorite pens, unleash your creativity, and spice up your journaling journey with these artistic techniques. Let your journal be a canvas for self-expression and exploration. Happy journaling!

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