Creative Teacher Thank You Gifts

Thank a teacher with these unique and creative ideas they will love! Studio 5
has done the work for you – free tag downloads, and all.

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares creative
teacher gift ideas.

Solar Glow Jars

Purchase an outdoor solar light and remove the stake. Find a jar that the
light will fit into with the solar portion resting on the lip of the jar. Secure
with poster putty or glue dots. Tie with a ribbon and embellish as desired.
Print and attach tag that states: “Thanks for teaching me to SHINE!” Jars can
be frosted with glass spray or personalized with vinyl lettering if desired.

Click HERE
to download the “Solar Glow Jar” tag.

School Themed Clock

Purchase a small wall clock (Wal-Mart sells a perfect size for under $4.00 in
several colors). Remove screws on back of clock and open. Remove the rim,
glass and hands. Print the lined paper graphic (click HERE
to download),
measure to fit clock face, have child write on it to personalize and then
adhere it to the clock face. Place and glue on small school supplies (cut in
pieces as needed) where numbers would normally be. Use items such as
staples, pencil pieces, crayon pieces, pencil sharpeners, paper clips, elastics,
push pins, ruler piece, binder clips, erasers, etc. Trim hands down so they
will fit past items and replace hands. Replace glass and rim and screw
closed. Give with printed tag that states: “Thank you for all the TIME you
spent this year!” Note: you can use different sized clocks as desired – just
adjust sizes of supplies used and trim hands accordingly.

Click HERE
to download the “School Themed Clock” tag.

School Supply Bouquet

Glue colored pencils all around a tin can of desired size. Place floral foam
inside and weights in can if needed. Attach school supplies onto floral
wrapped skewers or dowels using wire or packaging tape. Insert into foam
as if they were flowers and fill in with artificial greenery. Wrap can with a
bow and print and attach tag that states: “Thanks for helping me GROW and

Click HERE to download the “School Supply Bouquet” tag.

Message Desk Frame

Use a frame with glass (8″ x 10″ or smaller frame as desired) and frame a
piece of lined notebook paper or use the lined paper graphic. Attach a small
hook or eye screw at the top left of the frame if frame is wood. Attach a
ribbon and dry erase marker to the eye screw or tape behind the frame if it is
plastic. (You could also attach a ribbon with a small piece of felt or flannel to
use as an eraser.) Embellish frame as desired. Give with printed tag that
states: “Thanks for making your MARK on us! It has been a PICTURE perfect
year!” Note: you could spray the glass with chalkboard paint and use as a
mini framed chalkboard instead of a dry erase frame if you prefer.

Click HERE
to download the “Message Desk Frame” tag.

Candy Bar Thank You Teacher Poster

Go to a Fed-Ex Office and request them to print the teacher poster featured
on Studio 5 (they will have the graphic in their system for you). The poster
will measure 18″ x 24″ and at a special price of $15.00 for Studio 5 viewers
(offer good through May 15, 2012).
This includes lamination and will be mounted on a foam core board. Attach
candy bars in appropriate spaces so poster reads correctly. You will need the
following candy bars: Mounds, Skor, Starburst, Fast Break, Take 5, Extra
(gum), and Look.

Click HERE
to download a list of participating Fed Ex locations.

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