Creative Wall Decor

Studio 5 Contributor Tausha Hoyt has some tips and tricks to make wall art on any budget!


Do you have a old dresser that has maybe seen better days?

Take out one of the drawers of the dresser and paint it a fun color. If it is an heirloom piece, or you love the look of it, do nothing except hang it on the wall. Hang a picture on the drawer bottom and add some fun accessories. This would be a great accessory in a bathroom with old combs, shaving brushes and pretty soaps. Or maybe you have an empty wall in your kitchen; add some old kitchen utensils and hang an apron from the corner of the drawer. If you really want to make this piece of art something that can be used-cut a piece of sheet metal to fit the drawer bottom and cover it with fun paper. You now have a magnet board that can be used to hold notes or even vacation mementos.


Go to any home improvement store and look at the molding pieces, decorative trims and rosette pieces. Check in the scrap bins, sometimes you can get pieces for free. Pick out your favorite and have the store cut it to size for you. Paint it a color to match your space. Glue it to the glass of a fun frame. Put scrapbook paper in the frame, so it will act as matting for the piece. You can glue the wood piece directly to the glass with e6000. If you have never used this before, you must try it! You can pick it up at WalMart for under $5.


Stamp out your family name on a canvas! I picked some words that described our family and also had the letters of my last name in the spelling. I added a number 5 because there are 5 of us in my family, plus I love the touch of whimsy it added. I hot glued the paper to a square canvas that I picked up at Joanne’s. My kids loved this. They thought that their mom was so smart to come up with this.


Another quick idea-go and get a shadow box frame and add some fun things that you wouldn’t normally display. I used old glasses that I picked up at the DI. I hot glued them to the mat that I covered with fabric. This project took less than 10 minutes. This would be great to showcase anything that you have that’s small. Old glasses from you growing up or maybe some of your grandma’s glasses. Maybe you have some old medals from Grandpa serving in the war. Keys are fabulous as well. Maybe you have keys from your first apartment or your first car or even your first home. Great way to showcase your memories. Great gift idea for Father’s day as well.

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