Creative Ways To Wrap Gift Cards And Cash

Gift cards are a popular, last minute Christmas gift. But you can still
put some thought into the gift.

Creating Keepsakes Creative Editor, Megan Hoeppner shares ways to jazz up
a plain old gift card and make it special.

Themed Card (or cash) Holders

Make giving cash or gift cards more personal with these easy and fun ideas!

* For a Teacher: Make a pocket from chalkboard paper to thank that special
teacher. I’ll also talk about a variation using a real chalkboard (a small one, of

* For the Traveler: Have a special trip planned for 2012. Up the excitement
with a luggage tag containing either spending money or a checking gift card.

* For the Chef: Contain a gift card in a bitty bread pan or wrap the card
around a cooking utensil.

* For the Crafter: Use crafting supplies like bitty wooden spools to create a
gift card tag. .

* For the Movie Goer: Paper craft a popcorn bucket and use it to contain a
card or movie tickets.

* For the Bookworm: Fashion a gift card container using book paper from an
old book.

* For the Ski Bunny: Stuff a beanie or gloves with a card for the slopes.

Basic Ideas

You don’t have to go with a theme to give the gift of shopping. Here are a
few basic approaches:

* Cash Ornaments: Fill glass Christmas ornaments with rolled up dollars and
decorate a money tree. Ka-ching!

* Use cute pockets and pouches to contain cards/cash in ways that will get

Gift Cards for a Group OR the Gift of a Shopping Spree

Give an entire family the fun of gift-card (or cash) shopping with these

* Gift Card (or cash) Wreath: Attach tiny packages (little gift boxes) to a
wreath frame. Make it so some of the boxes will open, attach a name to each
box, and let each person open their own box to find their gift card within.
When the cards are gone, the wreath stands as a fun decoration and reminder
of the fun gift.

* Wreath Variation: Give a single person a fun shopping spree with a bunch of
gift cards to their favorite stores clipped to a embroidery hoop wreath. This
is something that can easily be repurposed after the cards are removed,
whether the recipient clips up holiday cards or photos.

* Envelope Accordion Book: Fill bitty envelopes with cards to your recipients
favorite stores for a day (or days) of fun!

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