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Crepe paper is the supply you didn’t know you needed. Here’s where to grab it in sheets…

Make all kinds of crepe paper crafts with a bundle of streamer sheets.

By Lauren Tippetts

You know crepe paper as the material used for party streamers. They’re easy to hang up for simple party decor, but you can use this craft supply for so much more! Celeste Whitney showed us how to use it to make food-themed valentines, specifically a pretzel… but she didn’t just use your basic party streamers. She got a whole roll of crepe paper – sheet size.


crepe paper rolls

Crepe Paper Rolls 12 Colors, $14.99, Amazon

“This is the same stuff as streamers, but it’s just bigger. It comes in sheets,” Celeste said.

She used the crepe paper to wrap up valentine treats and fold them into a cute pretzel!

Celeste says you could use any kind of brown paper, “but… I love crepe paper because it just does what you want, when you want it.”

Obviously, we’re not just going to stop there. There are a whole bunch of crafts these streamer sheets are great for.

Folded Flowers

Fold up crepe paper flowers, and we don’t just mean your basic five-petal flower. There are tons of tutorials ranging from roses to mums to plumerias. We think crepe paper flowers would be a cute touch to add to spring showers and parties.

Fringe-y Party Pieces

Fringe is a trend we’re seeing a lot of lately. The bigger size of these streamer sheets make it easier to pull off a big, fringe-y party backdrop. If you want to get really crafty, use them to create the fringe on the outside of a homemade piñata!

Hanging Pom Poms

Giant pom poms make a big statement at any party. Hang them from the ceiling, or, integrate them into a fun backdrop. Crepe paper is the perfect material for the job, and… you can use these party pieces over and over again.

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