Cummings Studio Chocolates

Cummings Studio Chocolates

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what mom doesn’t love chocolate. Cummings Studio Chocolates has been providing Utahns with fine quality chocolate for over 87 years. Continually recognized for its quality, Cummings is putting its best foot forward when it comes to chocolate.

One of the items Cummings Studio Chocolates is offering for Mother’s Day is its famous high heel, a full size pump made purely out of chocolate. Marion Cummings, the owner of Cummings Studio Chocolates, said of their famous confectionery, “We have molded chocolates for special occasions. We have bunnies for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, but our high heel is year round.”

“We are basically combining two things that women really love; shoes and chocolate,” Cummings said. The high heel can be specially decorated to suit your mother’s style and according to Cummings, no challenge is too great for its decorator Omar Rosales. “We like to give him challenges and see what he comes up with.”

“The high heel is a fun way to give your mother something she will love to look at and love to eat,” Cummings said, “We also offer an extensive selection of truffles and chocolates with over 65 different flavors.”

“We also have caramels, nut crèmes, brittles and pre-made gift baskets so you can be sure you will find something your mom will love.” Cummings said, “and don’t forget about our dipped fruit.”

For the week of Mother’s Day, May 2-7, Cummings is offering its dipped strawberries for $1.25. “That’s a great deal.” Cummings said.

Established in 1924 by Cummings’ father-in-law Victor, Cummings Studio Chocolates has become a Utah favorite. Its main location on the corner of 900 S. and 700 E. across from Liberty Park has been there since it was founded.

Victor discovered his passion for chocolate in junior high school, when he took a cooking class. “He used to make chocolates for his friends and they finally convinced him to open his own store,” Cummings said.

Special offer: Strawberries will be on sale for $1.25 during the week of Mother’s Day, May 2-7.

In addition to its store on 900 E. 700 S., Cummings Studio Chocolates also has a location in West Jordan at 7689 Jordan Landing Blvd.
Cummings is open Monday through Saturday, or you can visit the website

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