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Cupid’s Cuisine Mystery Dinner: 5 ways to make your Valentine’s meal extra fun

This mystery dinner is themed for the day of love!

One Utah family has a Valentine’s Day tradition that has never grown old. It is the family meal when mom serves “Cupid’s Cuisine.” This is a mystery dinner concept that still gives the Brady family the giggles.

Tiffany Brady from Wellsville, Utah joined Brooke Walker to chat about it.


Cupid’s Cuisine Mystery Dinner

For a mystery dinner, family members “order” blindly from a menu card of choices. Each dish is listed with an alternate name. So, when your plate comes, you won’t know if you have a main dish, a side, and a drink – or if you ordered all drinks! It’s a clever concept that captivates children and makes for fun table banter.

Here are Tiffany’s suggestions for planning a mystery dinner:

Offer Three Choices in Each Category

The categories might be drink, appetizer (or dessert), sides, and main dish.

Rename Everything

Come up with silly names for each dish.

Create a Menu Card

Work up a menu card, where each guest can submit their own choices. The Crafting Chicks has a free download template that works well.

Secure the Kitchen

Send the family away. Cordon off the kitchen. Find a way to cook alone and try to set up the table in another room if possible.

Make Extra of Everything.

Guests may have a change of heart after they see what others order. At some point, you may want to bring out all the food for second servings.

Tiffany Brady is a wife and mom to five girls ranging in age from 19 to seven. She loves to create, describing herself as an eclectic out-of-the box crafter with a short attention span. Tiffany enjoys spending time with and serving her family. Finding ways to do this in a creative way brings her the most joy.

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