Daily Bread: Helping Families Prepare

Without warning, each of us may face a storm in our own lives. While we cannot control when these things may happen, we can prepare ourselves to weather the storm. At Daily Bread, their objective is to help families prepare.

Jon Parrish talks about what you need to know to prepare

Why Daily Bread?

Insurance. We all want to be covered, yet we hope we never have to use it. Real life requires us to have health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Many people fail to protect their family against the most basic emergency – hunger. Daily Bread essentially provides full-coverage food insurance, read when you need it.

• Protect your family from the effects of unforeseen emergencies

• Enjoy peace of mind in an uncertain economy

• Ensure the future well-being of your family

• Know you are covered, even in life’s small disruptions


The cost of food for a family of five currently ranges between $750 and $1400 a month (Official USDA food plans, US average, Feb, 2008). Because of inflation, this can increase dramatically

• The cost for a family of five in many Daily Bread packages is less than $500/month

• The average cost per person each day is only $3.33

• Lock in at today’s food prices

• Waste is eliminated due to the 25+ year shelf life

The Daily Bread Difference

While life emergencies are sporadic and unpredictable, your food storage doesn’t have to be. Daily Bread has taken the guesswork out of food storage preparation. You can relax knowing that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. Your one-time investment gives your family 25 years of worry-free food storage.

For a free sample of Daily Bread entrees or for more information, go to www.dailybread.com

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