Trivani: Humanitarian Aid and Health

Through the Trivani foundation, Trivani is able to reach out to the sick, hungry and impoverished of the world.

But Trivani does not just desire to feed, clothe, and medicate people. They want to educate them on how to feed, clothe and medicate themselves without the aid of others.

Purpose, Health, and Prosperity.

Trivani’s purpose is focused primarily on humanitarian aid in underdeveloped areas around the world. This focus is evident in everything they do—especially in the many humanitarian projects they have already implemented in areas such as Nepal, Kenya, and Cambodia.

Their mission of Health is to provide health products that are both effective and safe for you, your family, and the environment. All Trivani products are governed by our Do No Harm Philosophy, which vows to avoid all potentially harmful ingredients and interactions while including generous quantities of the most beneficial ingredients.

Trivani has already implemented several projects, such as schools, clinics, and microfinance loans, months before they ever sold their products. These donations and programs teach important life skills, provide a healthier living environment, and give people a better, brighter future.

The core of Trivani’s business plan is the ability to Sponsor a child—without any extra cost to you. As a Sponsor, you will receive a picture of your assigned child, as well as information about the child’s location and situation. Through the Trivani Foundation, your child will receive all of the food, clothing, education, and medical attention he or she needs. And you will receive online updates on your child’s progress to keep you informed. Many of the perks of the compensation plan are activated when you become a Sponsor.

Many of Trivani’s projects are made possible because of their partnership with Koins for Kenya, Asayo’s Wish Foundation, Globus Relief, Deseret International, and several other organizations. By working with these groups they are able to leverage each donation into an incredible amount of humanitarian aid—in some cases turning one dollar into more than hundreds of dollars’ worth of services and supplies.

Trivani’s second mission, Health, represents the company’s health and personal care products, all of which are governed by the Trivani Do No Harm philosophy. This philosophy ensures that products contain no known harmful ingredients, cause no harmful interactions, and contain active, high-science ingredients in generous, beneficial quantities.

In addition to health, Trivani is concerned about the environment and about the well-being of the world’s people. For this reason, Trivani uses many ingredients that help support indigenous cultures and protect the rainforest. The company also uses packaging materials that are recyclable, gives its Sponsoring Distributors the opportunity to support needy children around the world, and asks its shipping and manufacturing partners to contribute a portion of their profits to humanitarian causes.

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