Daily Bread: Perfect Food Storage for Your Family

While we cannot control when these things may happen, we can prepare ourselves to weather the storm.

Shane Russell with Daily Bread gives tips on food storage preparation on Studio 5

The Daily Bread Difference

While life’s emergencies are sporadic and unpredictable, your food storage doesn’t have to be. Daily Bread has taken the guesswork out of food storage preparation. You can relax knowing that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Maximize Your Space

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to think about how much space it takes to store food. Traditional food storage containers are often awkward and come in different shapes and sizes. This makes it difficult to discreetly store or even find a place in your home for food storage. The Daily Bread food storage solution has a compact design that allows you to store more in less space.

Easy Preparation

Preparing a meal with traditional food storage ingredients such as wheat and beans can be nearly impossible during an emergency when all utilities may not be available. Daily Bread meals are easy and fun to prepare — just add water.

Taste the Quality

Quite simply, Daily Bread products are delicious! Few people enjoy eating the same thing day after day. Your food storage solution should offer a variety of great-tasting foods that taste and look as fresh as homemade meals. We offer many different breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees.

Affordably Priced

The cost of food for a family of five currently ranges between $750 and $1,400 a month.* The same cost in many of our packages is less than $500/month with the average cost per person at only $3.33/day. Plus, the 25+ year shelf life of our products makes it easy to eliminate waste.

Try a free sample by going to www.dailybread.com and click on the “try a free sample” button

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