Ready, Set, Re-Design: Incorporating Your Design Style Today

Angela Ingo, Designer and Founder of Imagine Cozy, shares some ideas.

If you were to add just a couple of items to a room and you wanted to achieve a look of a certain style these are examples of what you could do to get that feel.


This is a mix between contemporary and traditional, curves with straight lines. So the room is usually simple with neutral colors— tan, vanilla and dark browns. The lack of color creates a clean and serene atmosphere. You would place carefully selected items, a rectangular tray on an oval ottoman, a simple white potted orchid. This type of style relies on interesting texture, so you could have a few natural twig balls on the tray with the flower or some corduroy pillows.

Mountain Traditional

This style includes sturdy oversized leather furniture with colorful quilts and pillows. Add a few pieces of pottery with twigs or pinecones in baskets and some fun wood carved items. Small touches of red really add life to this style.


This style is all about fresh whites and colors from a seascape, blues, tans, touches of yellow. You can add seashells in a bowl or vase. White chippy paint furniture or white distressed frames or metal tins. Slipcovers on the chairs really works well for this look.


This style focuses more on the space rather than the items in the space. Smooth, clean, and uncluttered. Accessories are at a minimum, a couple of silver candlesticks, a black tall smooth sculpture, or a few shiny silver stones on a table. Graphic shapes really fit into this look. Basic, bold and structural.

European (French / English)

European is a refined elegant style with ornate and decorative furniture, fabric and accessories. Antique vintage furniture with quality dark carved woods, could have some touches gold or silver gilt. You could add a few ornate frames, some iron decorative wall hangings. Fabrics like velvet, brocade, silk or satin embellished with fringing or beads works great for throws, pillows and curtains. This look is one that is completely opposite of minimalist. The overall look is comfortable, warm and welcoming without being too casual.

Angela Ingo has a degree in design and has always had a creative flair. She has pursued several different outlets over the years, including graphic design, handmade books, stained glass and framed leaf art which she sold in Park City. As the mother of three, she realized how important it was to have a cozy comfortable space to live in, and raise her family. So as a result, she researched and discovered that there are some simple design principles that anyone can use. And it does not matter what style you like or if you have a small apartment or a large home. You can take what you have already and make a space more cozy and comfortable.

To find out what other principles make a difference visit Angela’s blog ( She posts twice a week, including before and after pictures demonstrating how you can do this on your own, in your own home!

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