Daily Deals at Plum District

Daily Deals at Plum District

This is like sharing your best bargain secrets with a girlfriend. Get the deep
discounts of those online group coupons, but with offers recommended by
moms, for moms.

Karen Scoffield overviews the kind of deals you get at Plum District.

The busiest people in the community-moms-are often the most plugged-in.
And for them, the Internet is often the best tool to (re)discover what’s in their
own backyard. Plum District was created just for them. Plum District connects
moms with daily deals from businesses in their community, and helps them
get the most out of their day-for their families and for themselves.

Be sure to sign up online at www.plumdistrict.com and select
Salt Lake City for your District. You won’t want to miss out on the deals hand
picked just for you by other local moms. Today we are offering a deal for a
Tai Pan gift card that is a must have for Utah moms. And be sure to like the
Plum District Salt Lake facebook page where
we offer sneak peaks of upcoming deals, giveaways and fun!

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