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Set daily intentions to guide you through your day. Here are 4 steps to take each morning

Daily intentions can help us with each decision we make every day.

Every day, we make an estimated 35,000 decisions. Some are simple, like what to wear, while others are more significant, like how to react when things get tough. But what if there was one decision you could make each morning that could guide all the rest and help you live intentionally?

Author and speaker Allie Hill believes in the power of setting daily intentions.


The Power of Daily Intentions

“I wake up and I do a little meditation,” Allie explained. “I don’t do the kind where you just sit there in silence because that would drive me nuts. But I use guided meditation.”

Allie uses Gabby Bernstein’s guided meditations and Denise Lynn’s Oracle cards to set her intentions for the day.

“Right before I pull the card, I ask God, what would you have me think or do or say or show up today?” she shared. “I pull a card and then I just kind of sit there and think, okay, do I have time to journal? Do I have time to reflect? But it really sets me up for the day and I go through the day in a much more grounded and profound way.”

Visualizing Success

Allie also emphasized the importance of visualizing success.

“If you can take a moment to actually visualize whatever your intention is. For example, if can take the moment to think, okay, maybe there will be a little skirmish in the parking lot, but my daily intention is to lead with love, so I’ll say, ‘Oh, go ahead. You park there. No problem.’ It just sets you up for the day where things that maybe were a problem aren’t a problem anymore.”

The Role of Gratitude

Gratitude plays a significant role in setting daily intentions.

“When you focus on gratitude, when you focus specifically on what’s working in your life, a small blessing, a small gift that happened that day, I think what you focus on expands. And so, you’re going to bring more good into that,” Allie explained.

Setting daily intentions can be a powerful tool for living intentionally and navigating the thousands of decisions we make each day. As Allie explained, it’s about more than just setting a goal – it’s about visualizing success, embracing gratitude, and choosing how you want to show up in the world each day.

To learn more about Allie and her work, visit alliehillcoaching.com.

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