David Perry Film & Videography: Magic Memories

David Perry Film and Videography can make your wedding … or any occasion … something that will be magic every time you view it.


Here are five tips you should consider when hiring someone to take your precious memories:

1. Hire a professional.

Since the wedding video is one of the best investments of the wedding day, hire a professional. If I were to buy the same basketball that Michael Jordan uses, it doesnʼt make me Michael Jordan. Having a nice camera isnʼt enough, it is the skill in capturing the beauty and emotions of the day that makes you a professional. Remember, you only have one chance to get capture your wedding day, so hire a professional.

2. Choose a professional who has a personality and style that is a good match.

Since they are going to be with you all day, make sure you like them and they help you feel comfortable. If you are a fun couple, hire a fun videographer! Be sure and ask to see their recent work and make sure it is the same videographer that will be filming on your wedding day. I keep over sixty videos on my website so brides know the work my clients are receiving and the kind of work they will receive themselves.

3. Film late in the afternoon or before the wedding day for the best lighting.

The best lighting is two hours before the sun sets. If this isnʼt possible on your wedding day, many couples are now shooting the video prior to the wedding day. You can choose this option if your videographer is already booked on your wedding day, if you want to film somewhere other than their wedding location or you want to take the time to get an amazing video.

4. Tell the story behind the magic.

Your future children and grandchildren want to know not only what happened on your wedding day, but your story. This is great to show at the wedding dinner or luncheon to introduce each other to your family and friends.

5. Enjoy your wedding day!

No matter what happens on your wedding day, you are with the one you love and that is all that really, truly matters. Celebrate! Trust the professionals you have hired and focus on the love of your life. This will give the videographer even more candid and magical moments to capture.LMS:


To learn more about your how to make your wedding a special event, visit David Perry at 1196 West South Jordan Parkway A5 in South Jordan, give him a call at (801) 302-9988, toll free at 866-783-6753 or online at www.davidperryfilms.com

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