Day in the Life Photos

Moms and dads are quick to pull out the camera at birthdays, holidays and
other special events. But everyday moments get overlooked. Professional
photographer, Kristin Wilkerson, explains how to capture the moments that
matter most.

Tips to capture day to day photographs:

· Don’t pose the child

Remember that you are not trying to get the perfect portrait and most the
time they don’t need to even look at the camera.

· Consider the perspective that you want to portray

Do you want your pictures to portray your perspective, your child’s
perspective, or a “fly on the wall” perspective. Keep in mind the point of view
you’re trying to achieve while framing the shot.

· Experiment with angles

Thinking outside the box by getting high, peeking, around a couch, or
shooting through a ½ open door, can help give the photograph personality
and emotion.

· Focus on the details

Don’t be afraid to crop in close and focus on hands, toys, or little toes.

· · Tell a story by grouping pictures of the same scene with

Take a picture up close to capture the detail of the moment and then pull
back to show the whole scene. Grouping these pictures together as a story
board helps you tell your child’s story.

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