Décor Update: Choosing a Paint Color

Karen Larkin from Noble House Furnishings helped sort through this dilemma and have the confidence to move forward. Her approach begins with the question, “What is the function of this space? ” Design is important, but function is first. And she offers these tips:

For choosing paint color:

1. Look in your closet. This will help you know what colors you are drawn to. If you are unsure, try a warm neutral (beige, brown, green).

2. Avoid color trends. Stick with colors you can live with.

3. Move up and down the paint strip. For more drama and depth, you can vary tones in other rooms by moving up or down the paint strip. For example, do darker shades in the kitchen and bath, while keeping main hallways lighter. This creates a sense of flow and harmony.

4. Test large samples. Get samples of the paint on a poster board and place them in different rooms. Observe the color changes with different lighting. Place the sample next to your flooring, cabinets, countertops and furniture.

For Accessories:

1. Use odd numbers of items in groupings. For example, a lamp, a clock and greenery. Tallest object at the left, the medium to the right, and the shortest in between the two.

2. Use variations of height and width among the items you choose.

3. Use greenery. It adds life to a space.

4. Layer items for depth and drama.

5. Mix old treasures with new finds.

At Noble House we offer a large selection of furniture, custom upholstery & window treatments, thousands of accessories, flooring and rugs. We also have full design services that are available with or without a purchase.

We invite you to come in and experience the warmth, comfort and sophistication of classic design.

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