Slow the Flow – Save H2O

Then you hear a babbling brook in your yard, but you don’t even have a brook in your yard.

It’s at this point that you know … it’s time for a mid-season irrigation system review. Courtney Brown, the with Governor’s Water Conservation Team, comes to Studio 5, to help you with a tutorial on a mid-season irrigation system review …

Now that we are half way through the summer, with the hottest part upon us, it is a great time to perform some simple maintenance on your irrigation system. This includes checking all of the zones to assure there are no broken sprinkler heads, the heads are clogged or have been rotated to where they are spraying the sidewalk rather than the yard, etc. Quick checking of the valves will also help, to assure that there is no water leaking around those sidewalks and that they are properly shutting down after running. It can also be a great time to review how often and when your sprinklers are operating. Watering during the heat of the day, or if it is rainy or windy is not recommended. Be sure to check with your water company on what your community standards are for watering. Simply stated – it is a mid-season irrigation system review.

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