cartoon cake

Decorate a cartoon cake that will fool a crowd! Here’s the tutorial…

This cartoon cake is a fun illusion to try.

This cake resembles a two-dimensional drawing at first glance, but then you realize it’s actually real and edible!

Jamie Gillman shares two ways to decorate trendy cartoon cakes at home.

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5 Tips to the Cartoon Cake:

1: Piping the edges of the cake in black is what gives it that ‘cartoon-look’

2: You can use black fondant or black buttercream to achieve this look. But the fondant makes the cake look cleaner with a nicer finish

3: Using a pastel color palette for your cake gives it that more old-fashioned cartoon vibe.

4: When piping around the edge of your cake, don’t have full, complete lines. Having disconnected lines is what gives it that optical illusion.

5: If you do any toppers on it such as a candle stick or whipped topping dollops, trace over the top of each topper with your fondant or buttercream to complete that cartoon-look.

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