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In a decorating rut? Add ribbons! 3 spots around the house to sport colorful trimmings

Ribbons can help you out of a decorating rut.

Do you find yourself in a decorating rut in between holidays? It may be too soon for Easter, but you’re beyond Valentine’s Day? Simple ribbons can take you from holiday to holiday and help you in between. With just a touch of color and pattern, ribbons can really add an impact.

Kara Davis has a formula for the perfect pairings and placements of ribbons all around our homes.


Kara said ribbons are an easy add to elevate our spaces. The ribbons can tie in the colors of your home or the current season. They are also inexpensive and easy to add to almost anything.

Start with the Front Door

The obvious start is the front door. Adding ribbons to a front door wreath is an inviting welcome, as it is the first thing people see, and it cozies up entrance. It’s also so easy to swap it out for holidays or seasons.

Add Ribbons to Home Accents

You don’t have to stop at the front door. You can add ribbons to details in your home like baskets, sconces, décor on the mantle, and even candlesticks or pitcher handles.

Ribbons and Artwork

Another idea is adding ribbon to framed artwork. Adding a simple swag or large bow will add detail and interest to the clean lines of a frame.

Kara Davis and Karlee Bridegan are sisters turned business partners, who grew up with ribbons from the day we were born. From front door ribbons for a wreath, home decor ribbons, wreath accessories, or holiday ribbons for decorations, visit or follow on Instagram @houseofturnberry.

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