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How to Do Wallpaper Right: A designer’s advice for making it modern

When you do wallpaper right, it makes a big impact.

Wallpaper has made quite the comeback, and seems to be “sticking” around! With new ways of application, a variety of price points and elevated designs, wallpaper is an easy addition to give any space a complete transformation.

Designer Melissa Reynolds shares her advice on how to do wallpaper right.


Keep it Simple

If you want to have staying power with your wallpaper, keep it simple. Simple patterns or soft colors will have more longevity.

Start Small

If you’re hesitant to wallpaper, start small. Powder bathrooms and laundry rooms are great places to start. You can also add it to a hallway for a small touch of pattern.

Have Fun

Many trending wallpaper designs incorporate animals or objects, such as flowers, birds, trees, fruit etc. They give a room life and are an instant attention-grabber.  It’s like having an amazing piece of art in a room, but it encompasses the whole space.

Go Big

If you are all in on the wallpaper trend, go big!  Pick a print you absolutely love and put it down your hallway or in every wall in an office or bedroom. As long as you have a distinct starting and ending point, don’t hold back and embrace your space.

Melissa’s favorite sources for wallpaper include Anthropologie, Lulu and Georgia, Loomwell, and Amazon.

Melissa is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the industry and believes expertly created designs do not have to be expensive to achieve the feel you want for your home.  Melissa is passionate about creating spaces you can feel comfortable in that best represents your personality and lifestyle.  Melissa specializes in e-designs, which is an online approach to interior design.  Everything is sourced and created online, allowing the client to take the design and move at their own pace and as their budget allows. You can find more about Melissa’s services at @brasshouseinteriors and at

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