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Warmer lightbulbs, warmer home! 4 simple swaps that bring in a cozy feeling

Create a warmer home, just by swapping out lightbulbs!

It may feel cold outside, but the feeling in your home can be warm all year long with just the flip of a switch. Did you know that simply changing your light bulbs can change the aesthetic in your home?

Designer Joseph Ward shares four simple swaps we can make for a warmer home.


Change Out Your Lightbulbs

First, switch out your lightbulbs. Use warmer kelvin lightbulbs – 2700 to 3000. You want to reflect the warmth of flame or fire to soften the harshness of the bright white light that can come with bulbs at lower kelvins.

Focus on Wood Tones

Next is to focus on wood tones. You can accomplish this is in big or small ways. In large scale ways, you can add woods in your architecture. Or, you can simply add woods in through furniture. For an even simpler addition, look to accessories and other décor elements. Woods bring in warmth and bring the feeling of nature indoors.

Add Warmth Through Texture

You can also add warmth through texture. Look for pillows, throws, and rugs that have weaves, loops, twists, etc. You can also find art that has texture on it instead of flat paintings or prints. Those details keep things interesting and add the feel of natural elements.

Add Layers

Another way to bring in warmth to your space is by adding layers. Add  in pillows overlapping blankets, rugs on top of rugs, and fabric drapes for that curated feel.

To learn more from Joseph Ward, visit homewarddesign.com or find Joseph on Instagram @homewardesign.

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