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Decorating a small space? Go tall and skinny! 5 design solutions for those tricky rooms

Don’t decorate too small in a small space.

Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean the furnishings follow suit. Just think taller, not wider. From that first apartment to a spare bedroom, small spaces require smart, thoughtful design. A few key design elements will make your smaller spaces feel spacious. By knowing how to scale, you’ll create impact in any square footage.

Melissa Reynolds shared five ways to decorate smaller spaces.


Tall & Skinny Furnishings

Adding height helps to draw the eye up, helping the room to appear larger.

Scale Wisely

Melissa said we have a tendency to keep things small in a small space, but be sure to use the appropriate scale, and enough of it.  An example is creating a gallery wall on a small wall which creates impact and drama.

Use Texture and Color

If you don’t have a lot of room to decorate with, use various textures, patterns, colors, and finishes to keep the room dimensional and appealing.

Add Secondary Lighting

Use secondary lighting and mirrors to open the space up, bounce the light around, and help appear bigger.

Choose Large Artwork

Just because the room is small doesn’t mean the artwork needs to be small too.  Large scale art creates drama and interest, despite the size of the room.

Melissa is an interior designer with over 10+ years experience in the industry and believes expertly created designs do not have to be expensive to achieve the feel you want for your home.  Melissa is passionate about creating spaces you can feel comfortable in that best represents your personality and lifestyle.  Melissa specializes in e-designs, which is an online approach to interior design.  Everything is sourced and created online, allowing the client to take the design and move at their own pace and as their budget allows.  You can find more about Melissa’s services at @brasshouseinteriors and at

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