Decorating with Balloons: Chic not Childish

Decorating with Balloons: Chic not Childish

Most people associate balloons with kids parties, carnivals and their high school prom. It’s time to give these traditional decorations an upscale and grown-up spin. Balloons are inexpensive and versatile. They give you a lot a BANG for your buck—literally!

Michelle Virtue, from Campus Craft and Floral at BYU shows how balloons can be used in a fresh way that seems more grown up.

Latex balloons come in a wide variety of colors—brights, fashion tones, metallics and pretty pastels allow for endless combinations. Mylar balloons are long-lasting and we are seeing more of a selection in shapes and decorative colors showing up in the marketplace. Don’t let stereotypes sway you away from this fun genre in entertaining décor.

If you’re looking to move UP in the party world, try a few of these simple tips!

1. Select an unexpected color scheme. Look beyond the standard balloon colors and you will discover an amazing selection of tones that will compliment any party theme. Working with solid or subtle color schemes will create a more sophisticated feel, while bright bold colors can be eye-catching and exciting.

2. Experiment with different balloons styles and sizes. Both latex and mylar balloons are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Using these shapes and sizes in unexpected ways makes them more interesting and creates a great conversation topic for guests. 5″ balloons are fun to use in centerpieces or mini balloon bouquets for buffets. 36″ balloons are show-stopping and at as little as $10/each, they’re an affordable way to make a statement.

3. Balloons are best used in mass OR minimally. Using a huge number of ballons creates drama.

Using single balloons can be elegant and create whimsical sophistication.

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4. Brainstorm and use your creativity. Get your kids involved. Just start blowing up balloons and playing with them—you will be amazed and what you come up with! Line a pathway or make a butterfly. Oh, the possibilities!!!

Let your balloons take shape—even the shape of something unexpected. Bubbles, perhaps?

5. HAVE FUN!!! Use balloons as a theme for your party—from invitations and décor to favors and thank yous. Let yourself be a kid again—in a tasteful and sophisticated way, of course!

For more information, contact Michelle at Campus Craft & Floral on the BYU Campus or online at

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