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People have been getting treatment for drug and alcohol addictions for decades, but there is another addiction affecting Utah families every day.

Jerri Jorgensen with Desert Solace Pornography Treatment Center discusses pornography addiction.

The new Desert Solace recovery center opened its doors in six months ago to clients seeking reprieve from pornography dependency. And among the first of its kind facilities in the world, the Center’s opening is not going without notice. Recently, Desert Solace Co-founder Mark Jorgensen received a phone call from ABC’s 20/20 interested in doing a television magazine segment on the rising technological plague of pornography addiction.

“It is exciting to us to see so much interest in what we are doing here,” Jorgensen said. “In our state and culture, we hear a lot about pornography addiction, but in other states, it is still a fairly new idea. We are realizing there are lot of people watching and noticing that we are taking a stand against pornography and dedicating our professional lives to helping others break free from its devastating effects on families.”

Mark and his wife Jerri of St. George, Utah, know first-hand how difficult the struggle can be. Mark completed a sex-addiction residential treatment program in Missisippi two years ago and the couple has decided to dedicate their lives to helping families put the pieces back together just as they have done.

“Much of the world sees the use of pornography as recreational and no big deal,” Mark Jorgensen said. “But we agree with addiction experts that have studied the nature of what often becomes a very real disease.”

According to Mark, “I nearly lost everything – my family, my marriage, my career. It doesn’t get much more real that that,” he says.

Desert Solace Clinical Director Stan Sullivan, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), said he has been counseling individuals for years who need a solid, residential facility where they can get away from the stressors of life long enough to focus on developing a program that works. “And that is just what we’re doing,” he said. “We’re teaching individuals and families that it takes hard work to overcome pornography dependency, but that it can be done.”

According to Jerri who serves as Desert Solace family liason, “Pornography addiction is destroying families left and right. We are here to prove that families and marriages can overcome this hardship and they can survive.”

Jerri also said the location for Desert Solace is key to the center’s clinical treatment model. With a 45-day intensive treatment program that includes individual and group therapies, a 12-step program, health and wellness training, creative arts, music therapy, and life balance education in the areas of emotional, physical and relational well-being.

Located near The Ledges and the north rim of Snow Canyon, “There is something very healing about this location,” Jerri said. “You can’t help but feel a sense of serenity and recovery when you are here.”

For more information about the new Desert Solace residential treatment center, contact or call (435) 817-1351. Desert Solace is now hosting a weekly 12-step S-Anon meeting and Jump Start weekend meetings for individuals and spouses considering residential treatment.

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