Bar Workout

It’s a perfect way to change up your workout and help you lose that extra 10 pounds! Work out with a ballet bar. Stephanie Blodgett from Pure Barre says it’s all about the “Lift, Tone and Burn.”

1. Pure Barre is one of the fastest and most effective ways to change your body.

2. PB is a safe barre workout. There are no fast or large movements that could have a negative impact on your joints. We also keep our classes small – no more than 20 people per class – so that the teacher can give proper attention to each individual student.(Personal trainer)

3. We focus on the areas of the body that women struggle with the most: thighs, seat, abs, back of the arms.

4. Our motto is simple: Lift, Tone, Burn — and that is what we do!

5. PB creates the long and lean muscles of a dancer through small isometric movements centered around a ballet barre.

6. In just 10 classes, students see results and burn fat in record-breaking time.

7. Although the class is intense, as long as you can hold on to the barre, you can do it! All fitness levels are welcome and no dance experience is required. It is a great workout for everyone between ages 18 and 80!

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