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Need a design refresh for the bedroom? Here are 5 simple ways to spruce it up

If you’re bored with your bedroom, it could probably use a design refresh!

It always feels weird taking down the holiday décor. Naked walls, an empty mantel, and a lonely corner where the tree once stood. If your post-holiday home feels stale, we say, give it a little refresh!

If you’re bored with your bedroom, Emily England shares a few refresh ideas that will turn your room into a retreat you’ll love.

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5 Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Design Refresh


No one is going to like this one, but really, decluttering your bedroom will decrease your stress. I recently read a study that cluttered and messy spaces have been linked to confusion, tension, and irritability while organized spaces produce positive emotions like calmness. Who wants to go to bed stressed and angry? Take some time and throw away the junk mail sitting on your night stand, throw away the knickknacks that are sitting on your dresser, and arrange the items in your room in a beautiful way.

Also, I think it’s nice to have a charging station that doesn’t become too cumbersome. I bought this 3 in 1 Wireless charger for my husband—it charges a watch, AirPods and phone all in one place without all the cords.

New Bedding

  • Sheets

Is there anything more luxurious than soft sheets? I love white sheets—they are crisp and clean and feel like you are sleeping in a luxurious hotel! There are a few things to consider with new sheets—the thread count (the higher the better) and the material. Egyptian Cotton is considered the world’s finest cotton. A 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton is a really fabulous sheet. I’ve also been loving sheets made with premium Viscose from bamboo fabric. Both of these types of sheets sleep cool and feel slippery when you get in at night! Heavenly!

  • Duvet or Throw

You can take it a step further and get new bedding. I do love a Duvet cover! There is nothing more inviting to me than a fluffy, large duvet cover. Here is a little tip—duvets do get hot at night, so I layer under the duvet a quilt and then at night, roll the duvet back. It’s also a lovely, layered look for making your bed that gives it some fun personality.


Pillows are another incredible way to refresh your bedroom without spending big bucks! Here is my rule for the number of pillows depending on the size of your bed: three euros for a king bed, two with a queen or full, and then you can do one euro for a twin. I love layering a bolster or lumber of a different fabric in front, or just a smaller pillow like a 20×20. But on a king bed, a large lumber really fills the space nicely! Also, if you have window seats, chairs, benches, or even a sofa, adding pillows is so inviting! Just makes you want to curly up with a book.

New Lamps

New Lamps are such a fun way to refresh your bedroom. My rule is to get a lamp 30” so that the light is actually casting down on you appropriately when you are reading in bed. 30” is actually pretty tall—so just keep a tape measure in your purse when you go shopping. And, if you have a lovely lamp or sconce and don’t want to invest in another, you can get a darling lamp shade with fabric on it! Just adds another layer into your bedroom. (Photo 5)


I love to put art in bedrooms. I think this is such a lovely way to add layers to your home. You can put art on an easel on your nightstand or dresser, or you can hang it on the walls. This is such an amazing way to infuse personality into your space and give it a finishing touch.

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