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Make the laundry room a place you enjoy! 5 ways to make it functional and pretty

Refresh the laundry room this January.

The Studio 5 Room Refresh series is all about making the home a fresh space for the new year.

Designer Melissa Reynolds helps us with a space that often gets overlooked: the laundry room. It’s not about a fancy front-loader washing machine. It’s more about making the space functional and pretty. It will make your laundry folding more enjoyable!

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Refresh the Laundry Room With Simple Updates

Use items that are functional, and pretty

Melissa uses canisters to hold soap, dryer balls and accessories, and to help make the space look cuter.  She also loves placing cute hampers and drying racks in there, too.

Add personality with artwork

“All laundry rooms have empty walls somewhere, so add art even though it might not seem the most likely place.” Melissa says. Add some art to the walls to warm up the space, and make it not feel so utilitarian.

Add some wallpaper or tile

For a more updated look, add some wallpaper or tile,” says Melissa. “It’s not a full renovation, but adding wallpaper or tile to the walls will completely transform the space and give it a more designed look.” She shared a few different patterns and places to purchase.

Add warmth with textiles and greenery

Even though this space is a totally functional space, she says you still can bring warmth in with rugs, greenery and textural accessories.  Melissa advises that this helps the space to feel warm,  and not like a sterile room you don’t want to spend time in.

Update old flooring with stick floor tiles

If you’re looking for new flooring, Melissa says to go for peel and stick tiles! Flooring can play a big part in the space, but sometimes it isn’t in the budget. She says peel and stick floor tiles have come so far, and being able to place them over existing flooring will help the space to feel new and fresh.  An added bonus: most laundry spaces are small, so the cost is very minimal.

Links to stick floor tiles

Marble Bonneville Peel and Stick Floor Tiles, pack of 10 for $20.99

Multicolor Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring, $1.45/sq ft

Peel & Stick Tiles, $2.69/sq ft

Melissa is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the industry and believes expertly created designs do not have to be expensive to achieve the feel you want for your home.  Melissa is passionate about creating spaces you can feel comfortable in that best represents your personality and lifestyle.  Melissa specializes in e-designs, which is an online approach to interior design.  Everything is sourced and created online, allowing the client to take the design and move at their own pace and as their budget allows.  You can find more about Melissa’s services at @brasshouseinteriors and at

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