Design Trend Alert: White on White

Need an update to your home décor? Paint the walls white!

Tonya Olsen with Liv Showroom gazes into the crystal ball for where to put your home design investments. She says white on white emerges as the next trend from the summer interior design market.


While in Vegas I saw a lot of white on white. In Utah it’s been popular to use warmer tones such as the taupes, browns and yellows, but a definite way to update your home is to incorporate white. Warm whites, especially in Utah, are a perfect way to cozy up a space. Here are some ways to use WHITES in the home:

Choose at least three different white tones. Two shades of the same color can feel mismatched; three or more feel intentional. Your best bet is to shoot for five or six white shades to create enough depth that the room won’t feel flat. Whites can vary from bright white to shades of cream and versions of gray.

Keep undertones similar. Generally speaking, whites are either warm (with yellow undertones) or cool (with blue undertones). Choose tones that fall on the same side of the fence. If you mix creamy whites with grayish ones, the whole package will feel discordant and dirty.

Emphasize texture. Even if you add depth with layered white tones, color can take you only so far. Monochromatic rooms beg for texture to bring them to life. Accent the different whites with different textures as well: painted brick, pale woods, a wool throw or cable knit pillow.

Sprinkle in dabs of contrast. Keep the eye engaged with just a few notes of color.

If you can’t go all white, then still paint your walls white. Just transition popping your brights against the new neutral backdrop.


The white and bright combination is actually a perfect way to update your home! You don’t want to over accentuate with bright colors, but just use them as pops of color – especially on a white background. Here are some ways to use BRIGHTS in the home:

Add a few bright accessories. No matter the color of your room, a pop of color adds interest and variety. For example, a bright lamp not only creates visual interest and contrast, but it becomes a focal point or conversation piece. A bright throw or a few bright pillows can add a perfect pop of color and dramatically update a room. Similarly, a colorful lamp or even a simple arrangement of seasonal flowers will instantly add color to any room.

Incorporate bright accent furniture. Bright doesn’t necessarily mean neon or electric. Bright can also be a bold color such as turquoise, orange or yellow. Adding, for example, in this photo, a matching set of magenta chairs. Since this is an open space, these solid color pieces tie to the one magenta patterened chair in the living room.

Add color underfoot. Bright rugs were in nearly every showroom at the Las Vegas Market. Patchwork, geometric, pattern and tone-on-tone rugs in vibrant colors are a great way to brighten up a room.

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