Go Global with Lighting

Switch up to the new lighting trend. Globe lights are not so 70’s anymore.

Tonya Olsen with Liv Showroom turns us on to the next generation for lighting fixtures.

One of the biggest trends in lighting is the globe light. In the past few years, the drum shade has been popular but the new trend is the globe. Today’s globe pendant is an updated version of its mid-century counterpart. Its simple, round silhouette can hang just low enough to really ground a space or even break up perfect, rigid lines. Whether it’s lighting up a bathroom, bringing a soft glow to a kitchen or perching quietly near the ceiling of a great room Here are some examples of how to use GLOBE LIGHTING in the home:

Add a single globe pendant. Replace a traditional light fixture over a dining room table with a large single globe pendant. Even better, replace outdated bar lights with mini globe pendants. Replace bedside lamps with hanging globe pendants. This modern yet historic style of the light can update any decor.

Cluster globes. Not only was this a popular trend at market, but I also noticed these light fixtures throughout the recent Parade of Homes. Basically a multi-globe light fixture is a combination of multiple globes. They can hang from a single ceiling mount or individually. Globes can hang at the same or various heights. These are great in an entry way or over a dining room table.

Patterned and smoked globes. Patterned globes are a fun way to update lighting in a room because they provide subtle light and often reflect a pattern on the surrounding walls and ceiling. Smoked glass is a throw back to the 70’s, but the modern version is available in shades of blues and greens.

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