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Designer Easter Eggs


Easter is almost here, and that means many of you are going to be decorating eggs this week! But this year ditch the traditional dip and dye method and kick it up a notch with fresh, new ideas for the old holiday tradition!

Designer Kristine McKay shares some amazing ideas to decorate your eggs in style!

Silk died Easter eggs

1. Wrap the egg in a piece of 100% silk (you can use old ties) with the print facing the egg.

2. Wrap it in a piece of muslin and tie the top with a twisty tie or rubber-band

3. Place the eggs in an enamel or glass pot filled with water and add 3 Tbs. white vinegar

4. Boil for 20 min.

5. Remove the silk from the cooled egg

Tissue paper or Napkin Decorated Eggs

1. Trim loosely around the designs on a white napkin or tissue paper using small scissors. Separate printed top layer; discard lower sheets.

2. Coat part of a white egg with Mod Podge using a small brush. Apply 1 cutout design to egg; smooth with brush. Let dry. Repeat, adding designs as desired.

Tip: you can make your own printed tissue paper by iron a piece of tissue paper until it is smooth and then tightly tape it down on a piece of paper and then run it through the printer.

Lace died eggs

1. Tightly wrap boiled egg with strips of lace

2. Dip into Easter egg dye

3. Let dry completely and remove lace wrap

Chocolate filled eggs

1. To blow out an egg pierce both ends of a raw egg using the tip of a sharp craft knife. Twist knife gently in holes to widen them slightly, with bottom hole a bit larger.

2. Poke a straightened paper clip into the larger hole; pierce yolk, and stir.

3. Hold egg, larger hole down, over a bowl. Insert the tip of a rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores) into smaller hole. Blow air into egg to expel its contents. Rinse egg with warm water; drain. Blow air into egg again. Let dry.

4. Sterilize eggs: Submerge them in a pot of cold water with 1 tablespoon white vinegar; bring to a boil, then simmer, skimming foam from surface, 10 minutes. Let drain on a pin board. If not dyeing eggs, let dry completely on pin board, 2 to 3 days (check insides for moisture).

4. If dyeing eggs: Mix 4 tablespoons vinegar and 12 drops of blue food coloring with 2 cups boiling-hot water in a heatproof glass or enamel bowl. Fill a separate cup with white vinegar. Using a plastic spoon, dip eggs in vinegar, then into the dye, 2 to 3 minutes. Pat eggs with paper towels to eliminate streaks. (If dye begins to cool while you’re working, make a new batch.) Let the eggs dry as described above.

5. Fill a pastry bag with melted chocolate and fill the egg with chocolate. Place in fridge for chocolate to set

Thread/beaded eggs

1. Place a small amount of glue on the top of the egg and carefully wrap the thread around. Pearl or metallic thread looks really good. Randomly add beads as you go.

2. Attach a ribbon loop to the top if you want to hang it.

Mock Faberge eggs

1. Purchase plastic eggs in various sizes that will stack inside each other

2. Attach small hinges on the backs of the eggs (attaching the tops and bottoms)

3. Spray paint the eggs the desired colored

4. Embellish the eggs with trim and gems

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