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Disco isn’t dead! 3 fashion revivals and how to wear them

These fashion revivals are coming back strong.

Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, but it uses the past as information.

Reachel Bagley shared approachable ways to add a little fashion history to your life… whether you lived through these trends and want to revisit fond memories, or you want to play with a look you weren’t able to experiment with the first time.


70’s Disco

70’s disco is built on a foundation of plisse accordion pleats, sequins, flare silhouettes, platform heels, and halter necklines. “When in doubt don’t hesitate to add some shine!” Reachel emphasized. If you want to take this look outside Studio 54 and into your everyday life, try some wide leg metallics, a retro tee, and don’t forget the platforms.

80’s Punk

If you’re trying to channel Vivienne Westwood, you are going to need lots of hardware (studs, grommets, even safety pins), apply liberal distressing (rips, and holes welcome) and throw in some tartan plaid for good measure. “This is your time to flex your DIY creative,” Reachel said. The punk movement was built on the streets. Rip it, cut it, graffiti it, and make it your own. If you want to transfer London Punk to your hometown, try an open weave knit, pair with a playful plaid, and don’t forget the hardware. Include some studs on your converse sneakers.

90’s Grunge

If you respect the fashion of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, these are the fashion chords you’re going to want to play: oversized flannels, soft leather jackets, rugged combat boots, and a moody floral slip dress over tees. Make sure you play in the key of “worn.” If you want don’t want to present as a sell out, make sure it’s already been patched, broken in, or better yet recycled. If you want to wear the 90’s Seattle Grunge label try some ripped jeans, a ribbed crop top, an oversized flannel, and combat boots.

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