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The baby doll makeup trend isn’t what you think… Here’s how to achieve this minimal makeup look

The baby doll makeup trend focuses on the lips and the cheeks.

Minimalist makeup is making a comeback, especially for the spring season. It’s the perfect time for a lighter, brighter look that allows your natural beauty to shine through. This season’s biggest trend is all about simplicity and subtlety, evolving from the no-makeup makeup trend.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore introduced us to the baby doll makeup trend.


Despite its name, the trend is an elevated minimalist look. “It’s all about the rosy cheek and pink lip and very minimal everywhere else. It’s very light on the eyes and we’re ditching our bronzer,” Megan said. “In the sense that a baby doll basically just has lips and cheek, the name makes sense in that way.”

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Ageless Appeal

One of the best parts of the baby doll makeup trend is its universal appeal. It flatters any skin tone and age, focusing on enhancing the cheeks and lips – our best features at any age. The trend also emphasizes glowy, moisturized skin, which looks great on everyone. “I think you can embrace it no matter what your age is,” Megan said.

Achieving the Glow

To achieve the baby doll look, start with a product that adds glow without highlighting texture. “I don’t like a traditional highlighter for this, especially on mature skin because highlighter can actually exaggerate texture,” Megan emphasized. She recommended a cream or liquid-based product over traditional highlighters, particularly for mature skin. RMS offers a fantastic option that can be mixed with foundation or used alone for a subtle shimmer.

The Perfect Blush

The blush is the centerpiece of this trend. Look for products labeled as gel, tint, or stain for a sheer application. These provide a pop of color while still allowing your skin to show through. “They just give you that baby doll flush of pink, but it’s not opaque which is why it really works for this trend,” Megan said.

Coordinating Lips and Cheeks

The final touch is a coordinating pink lip. “We’re not going full opacity here. We’re not looking for lipstick… we’re just looking for that wash of color.” Megan advised. Choose a shade that complements the blush, whether cooler or warmer.

Minimal on the Eyes

For eye makeup, we’re going very minimal. Just define the lashes with mascara and you’re done. “There’s no eye shadow, and I am going heavy on the mascara because I don’t have anything else there,” Megan said.

The baby doll makeup trend is not just for spring – it’s a timeless look that you can embrace year-round. With its focus on the best features and a glowy complexion, it’s a trend that enhances natural beauty in the most flattering way.

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