DIY Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are so hot in home décor and entertaining. But they can cost a pretty penny! Now, they don’t have too!

Michelle Inkley with the Glitzy Pear shares fabulous ways to create your own apothecary jars on any budget.

First gather little jars, candle sticks, wood legs or large beads etc. I went straight to my fridge and grabbed little jars of artichokes and cherries. I also wanted the finished jar to look different than the traditional glass ones. So I got out my paint, glue, ribbon, and printer.

Spray paint the color you want on the lids, candle sticks, chair legs, and wooden balls etc. Then find a topper or handle for the top of the lids. I used a sprinkler head, Scrabble tiles, and a plastic cow. Glue them all together with E6000, starting with the base to the jar. After the toppers are done and the bases are glued with that same magic glue. You’re done. Now comes the fun part, making them personal.

I painted white dots on the big jam jar. A racing stripe on the little jar and just left the round cow jar plain. I added tags so that my little guy would know what to put in the jars,

Silver leafing:
Dab the glue where ever you want the leafing to sick, as I got further up the jar I used less and less glue. Then just rub the leafing on. Add a little rhinestone trim and a glass drawer pull and you are done. E 6000 is going to be your best friend, but hot glue will work on adding trim.

Metal sheeting:
To dress up a plain glass vase, I added extra left over metal flashing from my washroom cupboard doors. You can cut the flashing with scissors and get some patters at Hobby Lobby. I laced ribbon on the back, and the best part is you can put any ugly thing in it because you can’t really see into the jar. The top was tricky it didn’t come with a lid. I used a precut circle of wood from Joann’s and painted it the color I wanted. I glued a smaller flat circle on the bottom of the lid so it wouldn’t slip around. Added a pink drawer pull and this jar is done.

Window clings:
I added window clings with cute spring sayings. How delightful would it be to have personalized messages for a party or shower, just saying. You can find my free printable at
. I used a little washi tape around the top to give it character or you could put a chalk board sicker on it or monogram your initial with etching cream.

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