DIY Patriotic Projects

Punch up your patriotic décor with super fun DIY projects you can tackle in afternoon.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares ideas to light up your entire home this Fourth of July season.

The ideas are endless for this holiday! The beauty of this great day is that because of the summer heat you end up indoors outdoors and then indoors again! It all starts at the entrance to your home and why not make your front entrance as festive as possible and you can with a quick afternoon craft.

Patriotic Pinwheels – With a few scrapbook pages you can make these pinwheels in a matter of minutes. Cut your paper in a perfect square (for the one’s shown, they are 6″ squares). Fold your paper in triangle on one side, unfold and do the same the other direction. You will then have a X in your paper. Cut along the folded lines to the center of the x. Leaving about 1/4″ from the center. Then using hot glue, put glue in the center of the paper and folding one triangle at a time, fold the piece up and towards the center of the square. Do this for all 4 sides. You can glue a button to the center if you like. Glue to a dowel to finish up your pinwheels!!! Place in your potted plants to add some color to your planters.

Utah Wreath – If you love where you live, why not show it off? You can purchase or use an old frame that you would like for the center of your wreath. I purchased one at Hobby Lobby for $14 give the perfect touch to my front door wreath. Adding some simple 4th of July ribbon around the center, placing some scrapbook paper to the center. And luckily we live in a easy shaped state to cut out! Cut out the shape of Utah and add to the center of your wreath to show off your Utah Pride.

US Map – Being proud of our country and showing it’s beauty is something you can add to your 4th of July décor. Personally loving the shape of the US can make for some super cool interior decorations. I found this outline at Tai Pan Trading but wanted to change the way it looked. If you have a passion for traveling or have goals to do so, you can mark up this your post cards, notes, etc! You see I wanted a way to add to the board without ruining the US outline. I placed the map on a cork board that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $15. I painted the border black with craft paint, added some scrap fabric I had using spray adhesive. Then I spray painted the US outline with white Krylon primer and then used a Metallic Gold paint to finish it off. A great way to decorate for the 4th of July but with a modern twist and not your over the top red, white and blue.

Jar Centerpieces – If you’re in a bind and having a last minute party without centerpieces? You can create simple and decorative centerpieces in a matter of minutes. Gather your mason jars and some patriotic ribbon, add different colors and sizes to make them all unique. Gluing in the back with your hot glue gun and adding flowers, pinwheels, or fireworks inside can give that perfect touch to your holiday décor.

Flag fruit – If you want to impress your guests with your over the top passion for the 4th of July, you can even with the food you eat. Using raspberries, blueberries, and marshmallows you can create the American flag.

Ring Toss – Looking for a game to entertain the kids while you wait for the fireworks to begin? Don’t throw away those glass bottles, add some scrapbook paper and place in a box for moments of entertainment. Using shower curtain rings as your ring toss. The winner gets to have one extra cupcake!

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