cuter lampshade

DIY a cuter lampshade! Here are the steps to customize your own

Don’t buy a cuter lampshade, make it!

Take an ordinary lampshade and dress it up. A little revamp creates a whole new lamp! And, DIY is always a fun option to make it unique.

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Michelle Crowley shares how to decorate a lamp shade with easy supplies and fun techniques.

Michelle says when choosing a lamp shade, you should consider five things:

  • FIT

For a full tutorial and tips, visit Michelle’s website,

Michelle is the newest addition to the Studio 5 team, joining in Season 18 as our Creative Contributor.  Friends describe Michelle as a gatherer.  Entertaining, nesting at home, and jumping in painters overalls have become Michelle’s happy place.  Michelle is a degreed interior designer.  She gets her energy from other people.  And did you know — her bedroom is yellow! Find Michelle on Instagram @michellesdesignlife or via the Studio 5 email,

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