DIY Leather Pinecones

Supplies Needed:

Pinecone pattern, pipe cleaners, tooling leather, spacers, hole punch and

*I used 2 – 3 oz oak tanned leather sides, you can buy a scrap bag from your
local leather store or from here.

*Spacers should be about 1/8 inch thick. I used leather, but you could use
felt, plastic or cardboard if you don’t have thicker leather.


· To transfer pattern to leather, simply wet the leather with a spray bottle
and place pattern on top, trace over pattern with chopstick or sharp point,
pattern will be carved in the leather. Cut out your pieces. Trace and cut 3
pieces of each pattern.

· Punch holes in the center of your pieces.

· Using a spray bottle, spray your pieces wet.

· Pinch your pieces up.

· Then push the ends up. Set aside to dry.

· Tie off one end of your pipe cleaner.

· Beginning with your biggest piece, thread your pieces on your pinecone,
using a spacer between each piece.

· Once you’re done, putting all the pieces on, cut off the end of the pipe
cleaner, tying a little knot in the end.

· Spray again, very lightly to do final shaping as it dries fully.

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