DIY Paper Lanterns Instructions

DIY Paper Lanterns

Stunning, but simple! String up this project in a backyard and light up the night.

Blogger Susan Petersen with “Freshly Picked” shows how to fold your way to your own impressive DIY lighting.

Lantern Instructions:

Start with a square piece of paper (I used 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches)

Fold diagonal

Fold diagonal again.

Fold in half horizontally,

fold in half vertically.

Grab the center of your folds,

creating a triangular piece.

Fold each of the triangle corners to the top.

Now you should have a square.

Fold the corners in.

Tuck the top pieces into the pockets.

See the hole on the bottom?

Blow into that + create your lantern.

Place over the light.

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Susan Petersen is the crafty lady behind Freshly Picked. See more here:

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