Do Fitness Infomercials Really Work?

With all the fitness infomercial hype telling you what to buy this holiday
season, promising you tight toned arms, abs, and thighs, it is hard to know
what to buy and you often wonder if these products do what they claim.
Do those fitness products really live up to their claims?

Fitness expert Danette Allen reveals her take on some of the current fitness

I want to discuss four of the top fitness products that you see coming
through the airways and let you know whether they are a winning gift of
health for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Shake Weight: The shake weight is currently the number one selling
fitness product. For only $19.99 and 5 minutes a day, it claims you will
receive tight, toned arms all while having fun! The shake weight works by
shaking the 2.5 pound (girl version) side to side, causing a pulsing, side to
side movement. Spending 5 minutes shaking this weight, yes, you will feel
a burn, but from a personal training standpoint, I believe that you will get
more bang for your buck by spending 5 minutes per day with heavier
dumbbells lifting your biceps and triceps instead of shaking a 2.5 pound
weight in one constant motion.

2. Slendertone: The slendertone is a belt you put around your waist that
sends electromagnetic muscle stimulation to you abdominals causing
muscular contraction. For $119-$150 (prices vary) and 20 minutes a day,
this product claims to widdle your waistline and give you the flat, toned abs
you’ve dreamed about. This product could be a good addition if you are
already slim and wanted to supplement your cardio, nutrition, and
abdominal work outs. If you are over weight, this product will not do what
it claims. You will not get flat abs if you are over weight using this product.
You must incorporate a clean diet and daily movement practices first, to
receive the abs of your dreams.

3. Air climber: The air climber is basically a mini stepper for your home. It
uses air bellows that allows you to step up and down in comfort. For $79-
119, it will tone up your thighs and buns and can give you up to a 500
calorie burn in one hour. This is fine product if you have decent balance
and you like to remain in one spot while working out. It mimics the up and
down movement of stomping, but gives you an upbeat trainer to work out
with via video. If you lack balance and like to vary up your work out, a total
body circuit training fitness video may suit you better.

4. Ab Coaster (or similar product): The ab coaster is one of the most
expensive leading fitness pieces on infomercial. Ranging around $199, it
claims to target multiple abdominal muscles at one time. If you feel you
have the space in your home and the money, then this is a great addition to
your workouts. From a training standpoint, I like to use this piece as a
supplement in my training. If you do not have the space, nor the dollars to
lay down on this piece there are plenty of abdominal exercises you can do
using your own body weight that will get you similar results. www.

Word to the wise. If you want to see tight toned arms, flat, ripped abs, and
slender thighs and glutes, then what you put in your mouth is 80% of your
success to achieve the body of your dreams.

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