Do We Pretend Online?

When it comes to how we portray ourselves online are we putting our best foot forward or are we being fake?

A few of our favorite bloggers share their thoughts about living online.

Browse Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or the blog of your choice and it’s easy to feel inadequate. It can seem like everybody you know is living a carefree, picture perfect life. Is it inspiration or are we creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others?

We asked bloggers Becca, Michelle, Char and Jen to think about the following questions and share their perspective.

  1. Are we “real” in our online lives? 
  2. Should we be “real” online?  Or is being “real” meant for close, intimate relationships?
  3. If I post only “perfect” pictures from my life am I “pretending” or am I just putting my best foot forward?   
  4. When we follow someone online, should we think of them as “people” or “brands”?  Have the lines blurred?
  5. Do we judge someone who is too “real”?
  6. Do we create unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others with our online personas?